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Why do people not like winter?

Can you say this 3 times very fast? Give it a try!

"We all want a wonderful winter. " x3

Most people don't like winter, but why? Of course, it depends on where you live but here in Himeji the winters aren't too cold yet people here still prefer spring or summer. Many people suffer from the "winter blues" which is a feeling of sadness that is caused by cold temperatures and the lack of sunshine. The average day has only 10.1 hours of sunshine whereas July has 14.2. The sun has a huge impact on our mood.

Personally, I don't like winter because it's hard to enjoy some of my favorite things such as outdoor BBQs, playing sports and fishing. I do think winter is very important though. The winter season allows us to appreciate how great the warmer seasons are and the balance between good and bad is necessary for us. I think this is true in every aspect of our lives. The bad times we experience are only temporary. Eventually, the good times will come. Winter teaches us to be patient and to look forward to a better future. We too ought to always look towards our future positively. As we move into spring I am so excited to see all the new students that will join Hillside. Let's all have a wonderful winter!

How do you feel about winter? Do you enjoy it? Why? Why not?

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